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Sherlock Holmes Santa Cruz

Discover Santa Cruz with the fun and exciting Sherlock Holmes City Game! Can you solve the murder of Balthazar?

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

City Game Santa Cruz

Discover Santa Cruz like never before with one of our City Games. Our games take you to places you would never discover on your own. Learn fun facts about the city or step out of your comfort zone. Take on challenges with a small group of friends and family or head into the city for a company activity. Everything is possible with a City Game!

Santa Cruz (de la Sierra) being one of the fastest growing cities in the world, and has grown from being a small outpost town to today having over 2 million people. It is known for its exciting nightlife, and as a base to a wide range of exciting tourist attractions

The city is expanding and growing rapidly , new high rise apartments are going up everywhere, high class restaurants, offices and new real estate developments are everywhere, such is the influx of money into this city that they are now building the worlds 2nd largest crystalized lake which is gong to be over 2km long.

Another interesting fact about Santa Cruz is that it's the unofficial Sloth Capital of the World , these charming and iconic animals can still be seen frequently today climbing in trees on the outskirts of the city.

The city combines its modern air and its big city pace with the charm of colonial architecture. Therefore a visit to this beautiful place should not be missed!

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