City Game in the Netherlands

We offer a wide variety of City Games in the Netherlands. Most of these City Games don’t require a guide, so you can play right away! Pick one of the cities below and check the out where our games can be played.

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City Games in the Netherlands


The capital of the Netherlands, famous for its canals, Rijksmuseum and more. Explore Amsterdam with a city game!

City Game Rotterdam


The second biggest city in the Netherlands, known for one of the biggest ports in Europe and amazing architecture. Get to know Rotterdam with a city game!

City Game Utrecht


One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, founded by the Romans. Famous for its beautiful city centre and the Domtoren. Find your way in Utrecht with a city game!

City Game The Hague

The Hague

The political capital of the Netherlands, next to the coast! Finish of your nice day at the beach with a city game in The Hague!

City Game Breda


Historically, one of the most important cities of Brabant, Breda is rich in history and beauty. Find you way through Breda with a city game!

City Game Haarlem


The original Harlem, known for its rich history and influence in the development of Holland. Enjoy Haarlem with a city game!

City Game Amersfoort


Found in the east of the province Utrecht, Amersfoort is a beautiful city with a vibrant history and a well-preserved city center. Get to know Amersfoort with a city game!

City game Deventer


As one of the oldest city in The Netherlands, Deventer is a city with a lot to offer. Visit Deventer and enjoy the city with a city game!

City game Zwolle


Located on the IJssel, Zwolle is a Hanze city in the east of the Netherlands. Explore the city with one of our city games.

City Game Tilburg


Found in the province of Noord-Brabant, Tilburg is a perfect city for a city game! With a beautiful city centre, there is so much to explore.

City game Nijmegen


Founded by the Romans on the banks of the Waal river, Nijmegen has had a very interesting past. Play on of our city games in Nijmegen.

Citygame Harderwijk


Hanze city Harderwijk, home to the largest marine mammal park in Europe, has more to offer than you might think! Try a city game in Harderwijk.

City game Eindhoven


Home to Phillips and being one of the biggest brain ports in Europe, the city centre is fun and engaging. Discover Eindhoven with a city game.

city game maastricht


Maastricht, located around the Maas river, has a long and vibrant history. Birthplace of the Euro and rich in cultural heritage sites, this city is asking to be explored.

city game groningen


Groningen is known for its many historic monuments and rich nightlife and culture. The perfect city to be explored with a city game with small or large groups.

city game delft


Home of the world famous painter Vermeer, Delft blue and the Dutch Royal family, Delft is great for a city game. Stroll across the canals and visit many historical sites while playing a fun and interactive city game.

City Game Leiden


The birthplace of Rembrandt, Leiden, is a university city with a great nightlife scene. But the city has plenty more to offer. A beautiful old city centre crossed with many canals and lots of culture. Explore Leiden with a city game.

city game den bosch

Den Bosch

Filled with century old monuments and historical places, Den Bosch is a lovely city to visit. Explore the historical city centre with an interactive and fun city game. Noord-Brabant at its best.

City game Arnhem


Capital of Gelderland, Arnhem has a vibrant history through time. Explore the many cozy streets that lead to beautiful monumental buildings. Experience this city in a fun and interactive way with a city game.

city game enschede


Enschede is a beautiful versatile city with lots to offer. There is always something to do, but why not experience the city in in a new way? Let our city games bring you to places that you normally would never see.

city game venlo


Founded in Roman times, Venlo is a city filled with history. So many historical buildings in different styles, Venlo has something for young and old. Experience the city with a company outing or during a city trip with a fun city game.