City Games in the Netherlands

City Game Alkmaar
The Syndicate Maastricht


Vist the cheese capital of the Netherlands. Explore this beautiful city with its many canals and monuments with one of our City Games.

The Syndicate Maastricht


Play a City Game in Almere. Located in the south-west of the province of Flevoland, Almere has actually not been around that long. In fact, the entire province of Flevoland is relatively new.

City Game Amersfoort
The Syndicate Maastricht


Amersfoort, located in the east of the province of Utrecht, is a beautiful city with a lively history and a well-preserved city centre. Get to know Amersfoort with a City Game.

City game amsterdam
The Syndicate Maastricht


The capital of the Netherlands, famous for its canals, the Rijksmuseum and much more. Discover Amsterdam with a City Game.

City Game Arnhem
The Syndicate Maastricht


As the capital of Gelderland, Arnhem has a vibrant history throughout time. Explore the many cosy streets leading to beautiful monumental buildings. Experience this city with a City Game.

City Game Breda
The Syndicate Maastricht


Historically one of Brabant’s most important cities, Breda is rich in history and beauty. Find your way through Breda with a City Game.

City Game Delft
The Syndicate Maastricht


Delft, home of world-famous painter Vermeer, Delftware and the Dutch royal family, is great for a city game. Stroll along the canals and visit many historical sites while playing a fun and interactive City Game.

City Game Den Bosch
The Syndicate Maastricht

Den Bosch

Filled with centuries-old monuments and historical sites, Den Bosch is a beautiful city to visit. Explore the historic city centre with an interactive and fun City Game. North Brabant at its best.

City Game Deventer
The Syndicate Maastricht


As one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, Deventer is a city that has a lot to offer. Visit Deventer and enjoy the city with a City Game.

City Game Dordrecht
City Game Dordrecht


Discover the beauty and adventure of Dordrecht with our fascinating City Game, a unique experience that surprises both residents and visitors.

City Game Eindhoven


The city is home to Phillips and is one of Europe’s largest electronics multinationals. Discover Eindhoven with a City Game.

Citygame Emmen
Citygame Emmen


Play a City Game in Emmen. Emmen is well known as an open, green city, where you can enjoy walking and cycling in the several forests.

City Game Enschede
The Syndicate Maastricht


Enschede is a beautiful multifaceted city that has a lot to offer. There is always something to do, but why not experience the city in a new way? Let our City Games take you to places you would normally never discover.

City Game Gouda
The Syndicate Maastricht


Play a City Game in Gouda. Famous for its delicious Gouda cheese and for the fact that stroopwafels were invented here at the end of the eighteenth century.

City Game Groningen
The Syndicate Maastricht


Groningen is known for its many historical monuments and its rich nightlife and culture. It is the perfect city to be explored with a City Game with small or large groups.

City Game Haarlem
The Syndicate Maastricht


The original Harlem, known for its rich history and influence on Holland’s development. Enjoy Haarlem with a City Game.

City Game Harderwijk


The Hanseatic city of Harderwijk, home to Europe’s largest marine mammal park, has a lot to offer. Try a City Game in Harderwijk.

City Game Hoorn
City Game Hoorn


Experience the thrill of exploration and teamwork with City Games in Hoorn, a must-do activity for locals and visitors alike.

Secrets of Leeuwarden Exploration Games
The Syndicate Maastricht


Capital of the province of Friesland, Leeuwarden has an exciting history and a vibrant future. Check out the City Game to enjoy this city.

City Game Leiden
The Syndicate Maastricht


Rembrandt’s birthplace, Leiden, is a university town with great nightlife. But the city has much more to offer. A beautiful old city centre criss-crossed with many canals and plenty of culture. Explore Leiden with a City Game.

City Game Maastricht
The Syndicate Maastricht


Maastricht, situated on the river Maas, has a long and vibrant history. As the birthplace of the Euro and rich in cultural heritage, this city demands to be explored.

City Game Nieuwleusen
City Game Nieuwleusen


Situated in the heart of Overijssel, Nieuwleusen offers a blend of historical charm and modern flair. Wander through picturesque streets and uncover hidden gems as you enjoy an interactive and enjoyable adventure with our City Games.

City Game Nijmegen
The Syndicate Maastricht


Nijmegen, founded by the Romans on the banks of the river Waal, has a very interesting past. Play one of our City Games in Nijmegen.

City Game Roermond
The Syndicate Maastricht


Play an awesome City Game in Roermond, the shopping city of central Limburg. Roermond is of course known for its Designer Outlet, but it has much more to offer. Play one of our City Games in the old town.

City Game Rotterdam
The Syndicate Maastricht


The second-largest city in the Netherlands, known for one of Europe’s largest ports and amazing architecture. Get to know Rotterdam with a City Game.

The Syndicate Maastricht


Play a City Game in Terneuzen. Legend has it that Terneuzen was once the home of the legendary Flying Dutchman!

City Game The Hague
The Syndicate Maastricht

The Hague

The political capital of the Netherlands, close to the coast. End your day at the beautiful beach with a City Game in The Hague.

City Game Tilburg


Located in the province of North Brabant, Tilburg is a perfect city for a City Game! With a beautiful city centre, there is plenty to discover.

City Game Utrecht
The Syndicate Maastricht


One of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, founded by the Romans. Famous for its beautiful city centre and the Dom tower. Find your way around Utrecht with a City Game.

City Game in Valkenburg
City Game in Valkenburg


Nestled in Limburg, Netherlands, Valkenburg charms visitors with its historical allure and natural beauty.

City Game Venlo
The Syndicate Maastricht


Founded in Roman times, Venlo is a city full of history. There are many historical buildings in different styles. Venlo has something for young and old. Experience the city with a company outing or during a city trip with a fun City Game.

City Game Zwolle
The Syndicate Maastricht


Zwolle, located on the river IJssel, is a Hanseatic city in the east of the Netherlands. Explore the city with one of our City Games.

Discover the Netherlands with a City Game

The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is a small yet vibrant country located in Western Europe. It is renowned for its picturesque landscapes, historic architecture, and rich cultural heritage. The country is home to several iconic landmarks, such as windmills, tulip fields, and canals, that attract millions of visitors every year.

Besides its natural beauty, the Netherlands is also a hub for art, fashion, and cuisine. The Dutch are famous for their art, with works by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, and Vermeer on display in museums across the country. Additionally, the Dutch cuisine is a blend of traditional and modern flavors that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you’re exploring the charming cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, or Utrecht, or cycling along the scenic countryside, the Netherlands offers something for everyone. With its welcoming locals, well-developed infrastructure, and unique cultural experiences, the Netherlands is definitely worth a visit.

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