City Game in Costa Rica

We offer a wide variety of City Games in Costa Rica. Most of these City Games don’t require a guide, so you can play right away! Pick one of the cities below and check the out where our games can be played.

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Why a City Game in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is cherished as one of the world’s most popular eco-tourism destinations. Thanks to its beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches, myriad adventure activities and proximity to the U.S., the country draws more than two million tourists each year.

Though small in size (similar to the Netherlands), Costa Rica is home to an estimated five percent of the Earth’s flora and fauna!

With no standing army, the Costa Rican government has poured those funds into both public education and preserving the natural heritage. Today there are more than 100 protected areas consisting of reserves, wildlife refuges and national parks in Costa Rica. Costa Ricans also enjoy one of the most modern public health care systems. What a great country to discover!

City Games in Costa Rica

City Game in San Jose

San José

This capital city is surrounded by trees, humidity, and all those animals you’d expect to find in Costa Rica’s rainforests. It’s the perfect stop to play a City Game.