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The games of Citygame.com are self-guided, meaning you can play them independently. All you need is a phone with an internet connection and access to the App Store or Google Play. As soon as you book one of our games, we will send you all the information you need to play the game.

Our self-guided games offer complete freedom to play the game on your own, at any time and without a guide.

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Go to "Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery"

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

Step into the shoes of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes and unravel a mysterious murder case during the Sherlock Holmes City Game! This unique and challenging game is suitable for all ages. **************************** Note: This game has no active interaction with the city.

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery
Go to "Secrets of Exploration Game"

Secrets of Exploration Game

Discover the city's best-kept secrets with the interactive game 'Secrets of…'! Unravel mysteries, solve puzzles and complete photo tasks to score points. Learn more about the city's history, culture and special characters and reveal secrets that even the locals don't know!

Secrets of Exploration Game
Go to "The Syndicate City Escape Game"

The Syndicate City Escape Game

Play The Syndicate, our newest City Escape Game! Can you recover the stolen formulas in exchange for you freedom? Escape before it's too late!

The Syndicate City Escape Game
Go to "Photography tour Amsterdam Red light"

Photography tour Amsterdam Red light

Want to take the best photos of Amsterdam's iconic Red Light District? Then join our photography tour and learn everything you need to know about smartphone photography! Top photographer Jeroen Swolfs will guide you through our app and show you how to take the best photos with your own phone.

Smartphone Citywalks Amsterdam Red Light District

About our City Games:

Exploration Games

Want to discover the city in a unique way and explore local hotspots? Then play our interactive exploration game, Secret of..
Will you choose Amsterdam or discover the your best-kept secrets of our other cities?

Role-playing games

Do you like challenges, mystery and adventure? Become Citygame’s detective and solve the case like a true Sherlock. Or try our latest game The Syndicate and catch the deranged alchemist Magnus. Do you dare?

Educational Games

Explore the city in a unique way. Join our Photography Tour and learn all about smartphone photography. Discover the hidden history of the Red Light District or Amsterdam’s beautiful canals.

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