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At City Game, we provide you with games and tours that allow you to explore cities of your own choice in a fun, unique, and engaging experience worldwide! Play and explore while you solve puzzles, find hidden spots, or learn something new: we have games for everyone.

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All of our games are self-guided: you can fully play them by yourself. The only thing you need is a charged phone and an internet connection! Once you’ve booked one of our games, we will provide you with all the information you need to play the game.

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Go to "Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery"

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

Explore your favorite city with the fun and exciting Sherlock City Game! Can you solve the murder of Balthazar?

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery
Go to "Secrets of Exploration Game"

Secrets of Exploration Game

Can you keep a secret? When walking through the city, this Exploration Game takes you to unique locations and gives you information about the city's highlights.

Secrets of Exploration Game
Go to "Photography tour Amsterdam Canals"

Photography tour Amsterdam Canals

Walk along the Amsterdam canals, and learn everything you need to know to capture the best photos with your smartphone. Get ready for an interactive experience where you'll receive tips and tricks from top photographer Jeroen Swolfs.

Photography tour Amsterdam Canals
Go to "Photography tour Amsterdam Red light"

Photography tour Amsterdam Red light

Embark on a stunning walk through the Red Light District and discover how to take outstanding photos with your smartphone with the tips of top photographer Jeroen Swolfs.

Smartphone Citywalks Amsterdam Red Light District

Offered City Games

We have a variety of games available:

Exploration Games

Do you want to discover the city like a true local? Try one of your Exploration Games! Discover the best (and hidden) gems of the city on an interactive experience like Secrets of Amsterdam.

Story Games

Are you looking for an engaging and exciting game to play? Immerse yourself in one of our Story Games! Explore the city as you play the role of someone else, such as Sherlock Holmes in our Sherlock City Game.

Educational Games

Do you want to learn while you play? Check out one of our Educational Games! Walk through the most beautiful places in the city and learn while you play, such as in our Photography Tour.

City Game not yet available worldwide? Contact us!

Not every game is available in every city yet. Would you like to play a game or tour and is this not on the list for your location? No problem! Send us an email and we will make sure your needs are met.