City Game in Mexico

We offer a wide variety of City Games in Mexico. Most of these City Games don’t require a guide, so you can play right away! Pick one of the cities below and check the out where our games can be played.

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We offer a City Game in every city in Mexico! Can’t find your city in the list below? No problem! Contact us directly and we can set up a game in your favored city as fast as possible.

Mexico with a City Game

Of the three North American countries, it is by far the smallest. Discover this crazy country known for sombreros, tequila and ancient cultures with one of our City Games. Afterwards, enjoy the beautiful Caribbean coastline where it is good to be.

Mexico has a tropical climate and temperatures depend on altitude rather than time of year. Up to around 800 metres, the climate is hot and humid, with temperatures easily exceeding 30 degrees. Play our City Games in Mexico especially when it is not too hot.

City Games in Mexico

City Game Mexico City
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Mexico City

Explore metropolis Mexico City, a unique blend of art, unique culture, friendly people and extraordinary sights. Visit the Aztec templo mayor, the National Palace and the Spanish cathedral.

City Game Cancun
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Enjoy this awesome City on the Yucatán peninsula in Mexico. Discover the famous nightlife, snow-white beaches and an azure sea.

City Game Tijuana
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With its beaches, bars, monuments and galleries, Tijuana offers a diverse mix of entertainment and attractions for all. Discover the vibrant tourist district, a burgeoning cultural scene and beautiful beaches.

City Game Ciudad Juarez
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Ciudad Juarez

Ciudad Juarez is one of Mexico’s biggest cities with a very different culture from the rest of Mexico. Visit La Rodadora, Casa de Adobe or the Catedral de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe.