City Game Antalya

City Game Antalya

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Sherlock Holmes Antalya

Solve the murder of Balthazar! A fun activity to do when visiting a city with your family or as a couple. 'Sherlock Holmes' is filled with brain teasers, puzzles, hilarious photo-tasks & British humor

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

City Game Antalya

Now, this is a destination worth visiting for a splash of relaxation and tropical vibes!

Head towards the Old Harbor to discover the Mediterranean at its finest. A hidden gem for a bunch of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the calming sea breeze. Konyaalti beach is basically an amazingly picturesque beach. Being there, it will give you the best of both worlds because in the back, there are mountains looking over the beachside. In other words, you can imagine yourself having the world at your feet since mountains are on your right and the sea on your left.

For a bit of a history lesson, run to the Ruins of Termessos. The historical site is breath-taking and you will be able to notice the surrounding countryside as well.

How fascinating are this world's destinations! You have a chance to discover them like a local with our City Game Antalya.

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