Are you about to play a city game and do you really want to come prepared? Then read the preparation tips below carefully! This way you will avoid problems before and during the game.

Before You Start

  • Make sure you have read the important information that is in the email (logins, instructions, etc.)
  • Bring 1 fully charged smartphone per team
  • Download the Loquiz app on your smartphone
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes and dress for the weather
  • Make sure the city your game is in is accessible on the day you want to play

Starting The Game

  1. Connect your phone to the Internet (through Wi-Fi or Data) and turn the GPS on.
  2. Go to the starting location (as indicated in the email) and open the Loquiz app.
  3. Login with the username and password or scan the QR code. Then press OK.
  4. Make sure the Loquiz app has access to important functions such as GPS and camera.
  5. If multiple tickets have been purchased, there is a ticket with login details for each of them. The username is always the same.
  6. Think of a team name and enter it into the app.
  7. Read the instructions that appear on the screen together with your team.
  8. The game has now started. You will see a blue dot on the map, this is your current location. Walk to an icon on the map and make sure you are within a short distance of it. The question or assignment will then automatically appear on the screen.
  9. When the city game has ended, you will receive your statistics by email. Please note: this information will be emailed to the email address entered when booking the city game!
  10. Dead battery while playing the game? Check our Frequently Asked Questions.