Hosted Scavenger Hunts

We provide Hosted Scavenger Hunts all over the world for groups from 50 people.

Experience Adventurous Hosted City Games

Explore cities worldwide with our hosted city games! Whether you’re planning a corporate outing, a team-building event, or a group activity, our hosted city games offer the perfect blend of adventure and exploration.

Tailored for Unique Groups

Our hosted city games are tailored to your needs, featuring customizable routes and themes that suit your group’s ambiance. From historic neighborhoods to modern city centers, each game unveils new aspects of the city as teams compete to achieve the highest score—and, of course, the ultimate “bragging rights.”

Technology that Connects and Challenges

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies and an intuitive app interface, our city games provide a seamless experience. Enjoy real-time updates, interactive maps, and challenging tasks that keep participants engaged and stimulated.

Expert Guidance for a Carefree Experience

Our experienced hosts ensure a smooth gaming experience, from kick-off to award ceremonies. They’re ready to guide you through this adventure, making your day an unforgettable experience.

Plan Your City Game Adventure

Get ready to experience the city in a new light, where fun, collaboration, and exploring hidden gems go hand in hand. Contact us to plan your hosted city game today and create unforgettable memories with your team!

Hosted Scavenger Hunt

Price €29,95/$32,09 excl. VAT per person.
We will provide the host(s) and clients play with their own smartphones.

Smartphones with internet

Price €9,95/$10,66 excl. VAT per team of 4/5 players.

Hybride option, Helpline via Chatfunction

In this option you play the DIY version (€19,95 per team) and we are available via the chat function during the game for questions.
Price €99,95/$108,49 excl.VAT

Customizing Scavenger Hunt Option 1

€350,-/$375,- excl. VAT.
Adding background color + logo of client + 1 button & 3 questions/tasks.

Customizing Scavenger Hunt Option 2

€1995,-/$2165,- excl. VAT.
Adding background color + logo of client + buttons & all questions/tasks.