Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery
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Sherlock Holmes City Game

Sherlock Holmes city game is a murder game which can be played in every city in the world. Solve the murder with your colleagues, friends or family, wherever you are! The fun and interactive game filled with brain teasers, puzzles and a whole lot of British humour, is perfect for a team outing, business trip or as a fun activity with your family.

Looking for a way to make your city trip more exciting? The Sherlock Holmes city game is just what you are looking for!

About the Sherlock Holmes City Game

  • Self guided
  • We advice 2-4 people per device (1 credit per device)
  • 1,5 hour program
  • Play when it suits you
  • Available in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Select your language on the website
  • Playable in every city around the world
  • Start location in the city centre, the exact location will be in the confirmation email

Important information

  • Charged smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • GPS enabled

Example of Sherlock Holmes City Game

  • buy a credit (2-4 people)
  • download the app
  • check your email for the login codes
  • start playing the game

The story

At the liberty festival a big crowd has come to celebrate freedom. The show has begun! But then, a man is lying in a puddle of blood with a knife in his back. The dead man is Balthazar, the head of Homeland security. The police have taken in 4 suspects for further questioning, but they can’t solve the murder on their own and call in Sherlock to help solve this high profile case.

Together with your group, consisting of up to four players per device, you will be playing the role of Sherlock and his trusted assistant Watson. Can you figure out if the alibis the suspects provided are true and can you confirm their motives? The fastest team to find out who the murderer is wins the game!

How the Sherlock Holmes City Game works

Once you have arrived at the starting location, you and your team will start the game. After a small instruction your team will be checking out the alibis and motives of the suspects Maggie, Dean, Jonathan and Charlotte. By moving around the city you will be able to go to locations which will prompt the assignments. Here you will find characters who are willing to help. But the information comes at a price! Solve their puzzles, chase down culprits and play along to get closer to solving the murder.

The game will take you past the most beautiful places in your city. During the game you can check your progress on the suspect board. Can you solve the murder?

Playing Sherlock Holmes City Game in larger groups

The Sherlock Holmes city game isn’t just fun in small groups, but for larger groups, too. Compete against each other and find out who will be the first to solve the murder. Playing with more groups will turn the game in to a very competitive experience, perfect as a teambuilding activity. Sherlock Holmes is a great way to explore a new city and to get to know each other, so the game is perfect for a business congress.

Price Sherlock Holmes City Game

This is a Self Guided tour so you will play on your own smartphone.

Sherlock Holmes City Game

The game to explore a city in a fun and interactive way

  • 1,5 hour
  • 2 - 4

€ 19,95