XO Hotels Blue Tower Amsterdam

Names must show what something is, and in that XO Hotels Blue Tower has succeeded; a comfortable 4-star hotel in an 11-storey blue tower!
Stay as high as possible and stare in the evening at all the lights in the distance.
Fear of heights? No problem, because we also have rooms on the 1st floor.

XO Hotels Blue Tower is located in Amsterdam-West, behind the Bos en Lommerplein. On this square you will find a few shops and restaurants, and behind that there are several tram and bus stops to the center of Amsterdam.
Eat some cake at the pastry shop, buy flowers in the flower shop, drink a beer in the ‘bruine kroeg’ (traditional Dutch pub), or enjoy a nice piece of baklava in the Turkish shop. All within walking distance, because there is also plenty to do outside the city center!

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