Secrets of Amsterdam
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Secrets of Amsterdam Exploration Game

Look for the best places in the historic center of Amsterdam and get to know the city better. During your walk through the city you will pass different locations where you will be given an assignment: cool puzzles, crazy questions, photo assignments and more. By successfully completing the assignments you score points and you will receive more and more clues for the final puzzle. You can even earn a spot on the leaderboard!

During the game you will learn more about the history, special characters, culture and you will discover many unique facts of Amsterdam. Secrets that are still unknown even to real locals.

The game can be played with only one phone for 1 to 4 people. Using different points on an interactive map and an optional route, the game guides you through the city. The game lasts about 1.5 to 2 hours. But there is no time limit and you are free to take as long as you want. The game is GPS bound, when you arrive at a point on the map there is an assignment ready for you!

After you have purchased the game, you will receive instructions by email with a login code that you can enter in the downloaded app. With this you can go your own way! You can start the game without a guide and explore the city.

You can work together as a group, or you can compete against each other. The team that scores the most points wins!

About this activity

  • Self guided
  • We advice 1-4 people per device (1 credit per device)
  • 1,5 hour program
  • Play when it suits you
  • Available in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Select your language on the website

Important information

  • Charged smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • GPS enabled

Secrets of Amsterdam Exploration Game

  • buy a credit (1-4 people)
  • download the app
  • check your email for the login codes
  • start playing the game
MAP Secrets of Amsterdam

Starting point Secrets of Amsterdam

  • Old Town, Amsterdam

You can start Secrets of Amsterdam anywhere in the old center of Amsterdam. Open your app, start the game and on the map you will see the points where you can start.

Price Secrets of Amsterdam

You need 1 credit per smartphone. Play with 1-4 people per smartphone.

Secrets of Amsterdam

Play the Secrets of Amsterdam

  • 1,5 hour
  • 1-4

16,49 p.p. Excl. VAT (19,95 incl. VAT)