Sherlock Holmes Copenhagen

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

The story of Sherlock Homes

At the Liberty Festival in Copenhagen, a large crowd has gathered to celebrate freedom when suddenly, a man is discovered dead in a pool of blood with a knife in his back. The victim is Balthazar, the head of Homeland Security. Although the police have taken in four suspects for questioning, they cannot solve the murder alone and call in Sherlock to help solve this high-profile case.

In the Sherlock Holmes City Game, you and your team, consisting of up to four players per smartphone, will play the roles of Sherlock Holmes and his trusted assistant Watson. Can you uncover the truth behind the suspects' alibis and motives? The team that identifies the murderer the fastest will emerge victorious in the city game in Copenhagen!

About this Murder Mystery

  • Self-guided
  • 1-4 players per smartphone (1 credit per device)
  • 1,5-2 hours
  • Play with WHO, WHERE & WHEN you want
  • Start location: Souq Waqif Western Courtyard, Doha.
  • Available in English, Dutch, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

What do you need?

  • A charged smartphone
  • Internet connection
  • GPS enabled

How this Murder Mystery works

The Murder Mystery game in Copenhagen begins at the starting location where you and your team will embark on a City Game. Following a brief introduction, your team will investigate the alibis and motives of the suspects – Maggie, Dean, Jonathan, and Charlotte. As you move around the city, specific locations will prompt tasks and puzzles, and you’ll encounter characters willing to offer assistance – for a price. Your objective is to solve their puzzles, track down culprits and follow the clues to get closer to solving this Murder Mystery in Copenhagen.

Starting at the Radhuspladsen, Sherlock Holmes took on the challenge. The City Game will take you past some of the most stunning locations in Copenhagen. Throughout the game, you can track your progress on the suspect board. Will you be able to solve the murder of Sherlock Holmes in Copenhagen?

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Sherlock Holmes Copenhagen for groups

The Murder Mystery game in Copenhagen is not only enjoyable for small groups, but also for larger groups. Participants can engage in a friendly competition to discover who will solve the murder first. As more groups play, the game becomes highly competitive and serves as an ideal teambuilding exercise. Sherlock Holmes would surely approve.

Sherlock Holmes Copenhagen, Denmark