City Game The Hague

City Game The Hague

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City Game The Hague

Discover The Hague like never before with City Games The Hague. Our games take you to places you would never discover on your own. Learn fun facts about the city or step out of your comfort zone. Take on challenges with a small group of friends and family or head into the city for a company activity. Everything is possible with a City Game!

The Hague is the political centre of the Netherlands and home to the Centre for Law and Arbitration. Yet the city has more to offer than just that. Explore the many historic buildings at Binnenhof. A fun fact: did you know that the very first tennis court in the Netherlands was located at the Binnenhof? Between 1500 and 1650, people played ball there; a plaque can still be found between the tiles. Going on a day out with the kids? Madurodam is definitely worth a visit, in this park even the smallest kids will feel like a giant. But even without children, this park is great fun to visit. End your city trip to The Hague at the beach. Scheveningen pier is also easy to reach. During our City Games, we try to show you as much as possible of what the city has to offer.

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