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City Game Auckland

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Sherlock Holmes Auckland

Discover Auckland with the fun and exciting Sherlock Holmes City Game! Can you solve the murder of Balthazar?

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City Game Auckland

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and is based around 2 harbors. It is a great opportunity to learn about an atypical culture: Māori. This you can do on Mount Eden/Maungawhau. Basically, volcanoes, are located on an archeological site protected by law.

Mindfulness enthusiasts can get lucky in Auckland because it is possible for you to take yoga classes on top of the Sky Tower. A magnificent view over the city while practicing mindfulness is a great combination!

While other destinations have fairs and farmer's markets, Auckland is home to night markets. They get organized in a shape of a party, with stalls and mini concerts, where, of course, you can indulge in some good food.

Sunset lovers, hear us out! On Muriwai Beach you can catch the most beautiful sunset in New Zealand. You can also combine the relaxing beach day with a bit of a hike on the cliffs.

When it comes to food, Auckland's specialty is seafood. Restaurants all over the city serve delicious seafood in every form possible. Needless to say, plenty of seafood stalls in markets offer a wide range of seafood for you to prepare at home.

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