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Singapore with a City Game

Singapore is a one of the best cities to explore with a City Game. Singapore separated from Malaysia on 9 August 1965 to become an independent and sovereign state. It is famous for being a global financial center, being among the most densely populated places in the world, having a world-class city airport with a waterfall, and a Botanic Garden that is a World Heritage Site. There is so much to do in this great city. One of the must do’s is visiting Kampong Glam. This old area dates back to the 1800’s. Here religion and history are blending with a modern take on the city-state. This is the best part to start your City Game in Singapore.

City Games in Singapore

City Game Singapore
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Singapore City

Singapore City has so much more to offer than just being the global financial center. Visit the Botanical garden, National gallery and Kampong Glam. Find the best places to explore with a City Game.