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Sherlock Holmes Colombo

Discover Colombo with the fun and exciting Sherlock Holmes City Game! Can you solve the murder of Balthazar?

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

City Game Colombo

Colombo: the place you want to visit by all means if you are a Dubai type of tourist. A city in continuous development, Colombo has a lot of activities to offer. Discover Colombo more in detail with our City Game Colombo. You will not only have the opportunity to learn more about the background and history of the city but you also indulge in huge shopping malls, skyscrapers, and a harbor port.

Are you a non-conformist by nature? It seems like you just found an ideal destination: Colombo! It is still not as mediatized as other rather popular destinations in the far East, however, this is your chance to expand your horizons.

Learn fun facts about the city and step out of your comfort zone. Your stay in Colombo can be both relaxing and adventurous!

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After you've played one of our great City Games in Colombo, it's time to rest. This city has a wide range of hotels.

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