City Games in Thailand

City Game Bangkok
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Bangkok – a city of contrasts where ancient temples and modern skyscrapers stand side-by-side. Indulge in the street food scene, explore the markets, immerse in the vibrant nightlife, and take a tuk-tuk ride. A truly unforgettable experience!

City Game Patong
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Patong is a vibrant and bustling beach town on the island of Phuket in Thailand. With its stunning beach, vibrant nightlife, and endless shopping opportunities, Patong offers something for everyone.

City Game Pattaya
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Pattaya is known for its beaches and luxury shopping malls. The seaside resort of Pattaya close to Bangkok is perfect to explore with a City Game.

City Game Phuket


Phuket, Thailand’s largest island, boasts of crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, exciting nightlife, and an abundance of activities such as island hopping, snorkeling, and diving.

Discover Thailand with a City Game

Thailand, located in Southeast Asia, is a country renowned for its stunning beaches, ancient temples, bustling cities, and mouth-watering cuisine. Known as the “Land of Smiles,” Thailand is famous for its friendly and welcoming people.

Visitors can experience the vibrant street life of Bangkok, explore the historic city of Chiang Mai, or relax on the pristine beaches of Phuket. Thailand also offers a diverse range of activities, including jungle trekking, elephant sanctuaries, scuba diving, and cooking classes.

Whether you’re looking for an adventure-packed trip or a laid-back vacation, Thailand is a destination that won’t disappoint. Its unique culture, natural beauty, and delicious food make it a must-visit destination for travelers.

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