City Game in Thailand

We offer a wide variety of City Games in Thailand. Most of these City Games don’t require a guide, so you can play right away! Pick one of the cities below and check the out where our games can be played.

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We offer a City Game in every city in Thailand! Can’t find your city in the list below? No problem! Contact us directly and we can set up a game in your favored city as fast as possible.

Thailand with a City Game

Thailand attracts about 16 million tourists a year. As such, the country has a huge amount to offer. You can go backpacking for an extended period or simply escape the hustle and bustle at home with a sun holiday. Thailand, and Bangkok in particular, is ideal to explore with a City Game. Beyond the cities, however, Thailand has much more to offer. Thanks to its favourable climate, Thailand can also be visited almost all year round. Enjoy on the beach or discover Thailand with a City Game.

City Games in Thailand

City Game Bangkok
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Explore Bangkok with one of our City Games. Bangkok is the largest city and also the capital of Thailand.

City Game Phuket


Besides being a real beach destination, Phuket is a great place to play fantastic City Games.

City Game Pattaya
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Pattaya is known for its beaches and luxury shopping malls. The seaside resort of Pattaya close to Bangkok is perfect to explore with a City Game.

City Game Patong
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Patong is famous for its 2-mile-long beach and a wide range of hotels, restaurants, shops and, of course, nightlife.