City Game Quezon City

City Game Quezon City

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Sherlock Holmes Quezon City

Discover Quezon City with the fun and exciting Sherlock Holmes City Game! Can you solve the murder of Balthazar?

  • 1,5-2 hours
  • 1 - 4

from € 19.95 p.p. Vanafprijs, per person.

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

City Game Quezon City

Quezon City is perfect for playing one of our City Games. It is the largest city in Metro Manila and also the largest city in the Philippines. It has about 2.68 million people living in the city. Recently, it has become the hub of information technology as well as its entertainment industry. Quezon City in Metro Manila offers many different historical and religious landmarks, fun attractions, and gastronomic destinations. For as well local and international travelers.

Fun things to do in Quezon City
Quezon has got ancient historic churches and archaic museums. This makes Quezon City perfect for exploring with a City Game. For those who love nature, you can visit the national parks and reserves in this city. Other than that, this city also has several interesting landmarks to visit like the art galleries, cafes, restaurants, pubs and bars. It has many popular attractions, including Sky Garden and Art In Island.

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