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We offer a wide variety of City Games in the UAE, United Arab Emirates. Most of these City Games don’t require a guide, so you can play right away! Pick one of the cities below and check the out where our games can be played.

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UAE with a City Game

You can also play our City Games in the UAE. The UAE is short for United Arab Emirates. These Emirates consist of seven independent emirates, small realms ruled by a sheikh or emir (of noble birth). The country currently has a population of just over 8 million. The country derives its income mostly from the sale of oil In addition, the country is trying to attract more and more tourists. Probably the reason you arrived here. Most tourists come to the UAE for its beaches, deserts, beautiful oases, camel races, markets and the famous tax-free shopping.

The most famous Emirates do include Dubai and the capital Abu Dhabi. You also have the port city of Fujairah where you can see various archaeological excavations. In Sharjah, you will find culture and was also named Arab Capital of Culture in 1998. Visit this historic old city and explore the many Arab markets and excellent museums. All in all, plenty to discover with our City Games in the UAE.

City Games in UAE, United Arab Emirates

City Game Dubai
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Explore Dubai with one of our great City Games. Discover the may spectacular buildings this fantastic Middle East city has to offer.