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Why a City Game in Bolivia?

Bolivia is known for its dizzying altitude, loads of llamas, and deadly roads that wind through the jungle. It is also famous for its gigantic salt flats, a mind-blowing range of flora and fauna, and a diverse range of landscapes to visit.

Traditionally, Bolivia is regarded as a highland country. Although only one-third of its territory lies in the Andes Mountains, most of the nation’s largest cities are located there, and for centuries the highlands have attracted the nation’s largest amount of mining, commercial, and business investment.

In the South lies the jewel of the Bolivian altiplano: the Uyuni Salt Flats. Widely known as the world’s biggest salt flat, Uyuni is home to some of the most surreal sights on earth. From multi-colored lagoons and glorious peaks, to water-covered surfaces of salt that mirror your own reflection.

City Games in Bolivia

City Game Bolivia
The Syndicate Maastricht

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz combines its modern air and its big city pace with the charm of colonial architecture. A visit to Santa Cruz should not be missed. Find your way in Santa Cruz with one of our City Games.