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City Game San José

San Jose is the capital of the Republic of Costa Rica. The city is the political and economic center of the country. Moreover, it crowds together more than half of the commerce and the services. San José receives his name in honor to Jose of Nazareth, presumed father of Jesus of Nazareth

It's central corner was founded the 7th of December in 1848. San José contains a very interesting mixture of history and modernity; although the center of the zone is almost vacated it becomes a crossing site during the day for more than a million people.
According to studies made in the scope of all Latin America, San Jose continues being one of the safest and less violent cities of the entire region. Because of this San José was designated Capital of the Latin American Culture in 2006.

Furthermore, the territory that San José occupies is formed by a level of land with slight undulations, very fertile, surrounded by mountains, and covered by streams that cross to the west.
It is known as Chepe by all the Costa Ricans. San José, today, is the center of all productions, all the principal banks and the greatest Companies. In summary, the high office towers, shopping malls etc. make all Costa Ricans have a fast daily life.

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