City Game Malmö

City Game Malmö

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Sherlock Holmes Malmö

Solve the murder of Balthazar! A fun activity to do when visiting a city with your family or as a couple. 'Sherlock Holmes' is filled with brain teasers, puzzles, hilarious photo-tasks & British humor

Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery

City Game Malmö

Discover Malmö like never before with City Games Malmö. Our games take you to places you would never discover on your own. Learn fun facts about the city or step out of your comfort zone. Take on challenges with a small group of friends and family or head into the city for a company activity. Everything is possible with a City Game!

Because of its position close to Denmark, Malmö is a very diverse and interesting city. Explore the old city centre Stortorget Square which is filled with cool bars and restaurants. In Stortorget Square, you will be able to walk across many historical attractions of the city such as Apoteket Lejone and the Town Hall of Malmö. The Castle of Malmö is also a nice attraction. It is known for being Sweden's oldest suviving Renaissance castle. The restored fortress of the castle houses the Malmo City Museum, Science and Maritme House, and Natural Hisotry Museum. Lastly, check out the medieval walls in the Merchant's Chapel in St. Peter's Church or Sankt Petri Kyrka that was built in the early 14th century. Surprising right? There's so much to explore! During our City Games, we try to show you as much as possible of what the city has to offer.

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