City Game Uppsala

City Game Uppsala

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Sherlock Holmes Uppsala

Solve the murder of Balthazar! A fun activity to do when visiting a city with your family or as a couple. 'Sherlock Holmes' is filled with brain teasers, puzzles, hilarious phototasks & British humor

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City Game Uppsala

It is time for you to discover Uppsala with City Game Uppsala. It is not only a student-friendly city, but it also gives off medieval vibes. Besides this combination bicycles are a must in Uppsala as well. Cycling through the calm streets of Uppsala will make you want to prolong your stay.

An imposing 13th-century cathedral, The Domkyrka, is by far the celebrity of the tourist attractions in Uppsala.

We already mentioned Uppsala being a student city, which makes it worth visiting the Uppsala University Museum. Why? Because it is a sea of Nordic and Egyptian antiquities. Literally a small Nordic Louvre.

Most people are fascinated by the Scandinavian countries due to Vikings. The Old Uppsala is the perfect place for vikings fans! More than 300 burial mounds, incredible!

Even more to discoverlike a local with City Game Uppsala!

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After you've played one of our great City Games in Uppsala, it's time to rest. This city has a wide range of hotels.

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