City Game Sweden

On this page you can find the most popular cities where we offer our City Games in Sweden! The city games are played on your mobile device, so you will be your own tour guide. Explore your favorite city in Sweden with one of our City Games.

Can’t find your city?

Our City Games can be played in every city in the world. Trouble finding your favorite Swedish city below? Don’t worry! We have a game set up in your city in no time. Contact us to find out the possibilities.

City Games in Sweden

City Game Stockholm


Capital of Sweden and the biggest city in Scandinavia. Stockholm has a lot to discover, so explore the city with a City Game with friends and family.

City Game Malmö


The city of Malmö is full of beautiful parks and great architecture. Find your way in the city while playing a City Game. Perfect for a company outing.

City Game Gothenburg


Filled with historical sights, great restaurants and the birthplace of Volvo, Gothenburg has a lot to offer. Experience the city in a fun and interactive way with a City Game.