City Game Sweden

On this page you can find the most popular cities where we offer our City Games in Sweden! The city games are played on your mobile device, so you will be your own tour guide. Explore your favorite city in Sweden with one of our City Games.

Can’t find your city?

Our City Games can be played in every city in the world. Trouble finding your favorite Swedish city below? Don’t worry! We have a game set up in your city in no time. Contact us to find out the possibilities.

City Games in Sweden

City Game Stockholm
The Syndicate Maastricht


Capital of Sweden and the biggest city in Scandinavia. Stockholm has a lot to discover, so explore the city with a City Game with friends and family.

City Game Malmö
The Syndicate Maastricht


The city of Malmö is full of beautiful parks and great architecture. Find your way in the city while playing a City Game. Perfect for a company outing.

City Game Gothenburg
The Syndicate Maastricht


Filled with historical sights, great restaurants and the birthplace of Volvo, Gothenburg has a lot to offer. Experience the city in a fun and interactive way with a City Game.

City Game Karlskrona


In the mood to learn a bit of history? 
Go to the Marine Museum. 
Have you eaten too much and want to burn some calories? 
Perhaps the best options in Karlskrona are cycling, snorkeling, and kayaking which are the most readily available.

City Game Uppsala


It is time for you to discover Uppsala with City Game Uppsala. It is not only a student-friendly city, but it also gives off medieval vibes. Besides this combination bicycles are a must in Uppsala as well. Cycling through the calm streets of Uppsala will make you want to prolong your stay.

City Game Västerås


Let’s discover Västerås with an amazing City Game Västerås! Full of history, islands, and gardens to explore and create brand-new and atypical experiences.
So many places to visit in such an underrated city!

City Game Linköping


There are definitely some must-sees in Linköping! Either for a city break or for a whole week, there are some gems that you should not miss. Discover Linköping with a fun City Game Linköping!

City Game Kiruna


Go on a Northern Lights tour, it is guaranteed to be one of the most unique experiences ever. After you made sure to keep yourself warm, you could marvel at some traditional Swedish architecture at the Town Hall and Konstmuseer I Norr. Absolutely beautiful!

City Game Ystad


The best and simplest activity you can do is strolling around the Old Town. The typical Swedish coastal houses bring you back in time. Besides it, Ystad’s downtown is also a cozy place you can settle after a long walk.

City Game Örebro


Not only will you be able to devour the culture and relaxing atmosphere of this city but you can also get a more in-depth overview of Örebro’s background and rather hidden spots around the city.
Örebro Castle is by far the icon of the city. It has been dominating the city’s appearance and all governors have been living there since the 18th century.